Noetics 101: The Science and Experience of Interconnection

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Dive Into the Reality of Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are seemingly everywhere! From the telepathic skills of the Marvel Comics’ Black Panther, to the spirit connections of the Long Island Medium, to investors leveraging intuitive skills and tarot cards to win on Wall Street, people are fascinated by claims of extraordinary abilities. The U.S. government even investigated the potential for psychic phenomena in its Stargate project for over two decades.

Many scientists vehemently deny any reality to psychic claims and say that these are the delusions of misguided, uneducated, or mentally unbalanced people. What these naysayers ignore is the HUGE amount of rigorous scientific research that demonstrates that some of these abilities do indeed exist. Maybe not in the way they are portrayed in the movies, but definitely in a way that indicates a relationship between mind and matter.

The evidence is clear: at the most fundamental levels of reality there is a deep interconnection between us, and by embodying that interconnection incredible experiences are possible. Who doesn’t have an aunt who claims telepathic gifts or a friend who sees the future in their dreams? You may even be that friend!

Curious to learn more? A peek into extraordinary human capacities is just one of the fascinating topics you can explore in our free online course!


The Science and Experience of Interconnection

Can intuitive hunches provide valuable guidance? Is there life after death? Are psychic phenomena real? Is everything in the universe connected in some invisible but accessible way?

For nearly five decades, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored questions like these, using the power of science to investigate phenomena that are fascinating, but not yet well understood.

Our groundbreaking research spans subjects like intuition, channeling and mediumship, clairvoyance, remote viewing, collective consciousness, the power of intention, energy healing, the mind-body connection, meditation, and more!

Our new e-course, Noetics 101: The Science and Experience of Interconnection, dives into these fascinating topics — and will prime you for lively conversations at your next social gathering!


15 modules:
One lesson every-other-day for 30 days

With each module, you will receive:

  • An overview of the topic, examining some of the key concepts, theories, history, or applications of the subject
  • Experiential exercises for you to explore how these ideas might be applied in your life
  • Resources such as books, videos, and websites for you to dig more deeply into the elements that intrigue you the most
  • References for published papers and peer-reviewed scientific research

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