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IONS NextGen weaves together direct experiential practices, scientific discovery, and community engagement to support emerging noetic explorers to thrive.

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Take a dive into our programs, content, and community opportunities tailored for emerging noetic leaders.

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IONS is committed to supporting both budding noetic scientists and life long researchers in expanding their capacity and skill set. Find inspiration from how IONS scientists got started on their path to becoming noetic researchers.

Introduction to Consciousness Research

Join this free course featuring 10 one-hour video presentations and Q&As from top scientists and leaders within the field of consciousness research, education, and application. Presented from a variety of perspectives, you will discover:

  • Exciting developments in consciousness research across disciplines
  • Where the study of consciousness is heading and why it matters
  • How to pursue a career in the fields of consciousness research and study


Future of Meditation Research

This course contains recorded presentations from leading meditation researchers that will teach and train learners to conduct meditation research with an expanded set of domains, concepts, and protocols.


Level Up Your Changemaking Skills with C3

Our Consciousness, Communication, and Change (C3) workshop online and in person programs. These workshops provide a set of skills and practices that you can immediately apply to boost your effectiveness in advocating for — and creating — a better world.

Consciousness Expanding Videos

TEDx The Science of Interconnectedness: Cassandra Vieten

Cassandra Vieten, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, President and Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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Psychic Abilities and the Illusion of Separation | Dean Radin

Dean Radin talks about the evidence of extended capacities of human consciousness (psychic abilities) with students and faculty at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS).

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The Science of Consciousness | Helané Wahbeh

While our materialistic paradigm would have us believe that our consciousness is housed in our physical brain and does not extend beyond it, there is growing evidence that this is actually not true.

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Test Your Psi Abilities

Many people have had precognitive dreams or successful intuitive hunches and ask themselves: Do I have psychic or psi abilities? GotPsi is a simple way to explore these abilities through a suite of psi tests based on techniques similar to those used in more formal laboratory experiments.

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