C3: Consciousness, Communication, and Change

Learn the art and science of transforming lives, communities and the planet.

Effective Tools for a Thriving, Equitable Planet

The C3: Consciousness, Communication, and Change workshop brings together the findings of social, cognitive, neuro, worldview, and behavior change research, and unites them with wisdom practices from the world’s spiritual traditions. These workshops provide a set of skills and practices that you can immediately apply to boost your effectiveness in advocating for — and creating — a better world.

Too often we, as changemakers, trip over our message — unintentionally employing counterproductive methods that cause our audience to resist, rather than welcome, new perspectives.

Powerful findings from the science of how people change — and why they don’t — have not yet made it to the front lines of therapists, activists, policymakers, and others fighting the good fight. Until now…

We offer C3 as both an interactive online workshop as well as a rich, in-person experience.

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Upcoming Workshops

Online: Six sessions, Tuesdays, October 22 – November 26, 2019, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Online: Six sessions, Tuesdays, February 25 – March 31, 2020, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time

In-Person: Monday, April 6 – Tuesday April 7, 2020, at our EarthRise Campus in Northern California

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Embody Your Message, Transform the World

This significant research — translated into tools and techniques for everyday use — can assist changemakers to not only inform and educate people, but to create messages that enroll people in new actions that are inspiring, compelling, engaging, and effective. If part of your job or your life’s purpose is to change how people think and behave, this workshop is for you!

Wonderful to find others who wish to be change agents grounded in the same sense of spirituality/consciousness and valuing research based principles. Learning and sharing increased my confidence as well.Shirley Myers, Professor and Programs Director

C3 has taught me that my effectiveness in leading change has everything to do with how I engage the world (and myself) in my cause. When I’m fully aware of my connectedness to others and focus my attention on their worldview that’s when transformation can occur.Jay MacIntosh, Social Entrepreneur

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