Medical Intuition Summit

As a committed, dedicated student of the healing arts — whether you’re a seasoned therapeutic medical professional or a holistic energy healer — you may ask yourself if expanding your toolkit to include medical intuition might be the next logical step in your evolving practice.

Medical intuition skills can — and do — benefit people who are engaged in a wide variety of healing practices across a broad spectrum of Western and Eastern modalities, such as energy workers, Reiki masters, mediums, and traditional medical professionals who’ve earned their advanced-level degrees studying more conventional Western medicine allopathic practices.

Many therapists, doctors, nurses, clinicians, holistic health coaches/teachers, and those looking to explore a rewarding career at the leading edge of the healthcare revolution, backed by exciting new science, are already enthusiastically exploring this new frontier while facilitating profound healing experiences for their clients.

Medical intuition involves using intuitive or extrasensory abilities to gain insights into a person’s health and well-being.

By perceiving information about a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health that might not be readily apparent through conventional medical methods, you, the practitioner, can make potential treatment recommendations as a result of identifying imbalances and other underlying causes of all manner of ailments.

By delving into medical intuition, you’ll gain insights and skills that go beyond conventional methods, allowing you to contribute to the healing journeys of others on deeper and more holistic levels — integrating medical intuition with more conventional healthcare to provide your clients with a more complete picture of their health.

Medical Intuition Summit
September 23 – 24

This event is hosted by The Shift Network. Please visit their website for more information.


If you have any questions, please visit The Shift Network’s support page or contact support@theshiftnetwork.com

During this groundbreaking 2-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How intuition can serve as a third-eye assistant, helping to decode and diagnose root causes of autoimmune diseases
  • Trusted methods to identify the spiritual basis of mystery illnesses that evade traditional diagnosis
  • Ways to expand your practitioner’s toolbox so you can holistically support your clients and students
  • How sadness, grief, or guilt can create a heavy heart and affect your emotional/physical well-being and trigger illness
  • An awareness of internal signals that can open new pathways to learning about specific illnesses or life struggles
  • How thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influence health — and practices to bring the body back into alignment emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically
  • The Biofield Viewer, an extremely subtle energy imaging system allowing healers to investigate, monitor, and improve their treatment protocols
  • How to combine contemporary science and medicine with spiritual understanding to maximize practical applications for healing and wellness
  • Ways to deepen your diagnostic awareness to address various subtle energies that can affect health such as emotional or psychic stressors, and Wi-Fi
  • An array of incredible featured speakers, including IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR
  • And much more!

Author Discussion & Book-Signing: Why Vibes Matter: Understand Your Energy & Learn How to use it Wisely with Garret Yount, PhD

If you are curious about “energy” and would like to use it better, please join the Academy of Intuition Medicine as they host Garret Yount, IONS Scientist and author of the book Why Vibes Matter: Understand Your Energy and Learn How to use it Wisely.

Have you ever gotten a strange feeling when you walked into a building or a room? If the answer is yes, you might have experienced the “energy” or “vibe” of that place. Garret will discuss the research on these topics and explain the science behind our reactions to energy or vibes. Plus, he will share a practical technique you can use at home to help you attune to your own vibes and balance your personal energy. Garret will also be available to sign copies of his new book, so don’t miss this exciting event.

About the Author

Garret Yount, PhDGarret Yount PhD is a Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Dr. Yount’s primary interest is bridging molecular neurobiology with aspects of consciousness and the nonmaterial mind. He began his formal studies in consciousness research with a small grant from the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1995, which allowed him to work with biofield practitioners and spiritual healers in the laboratory. Garret was among the first scientists to be awarded a Research Project Grant (R01) from the National Institutes of Health to study energy healing. He has spoken nationally and co-authored peer-reviewed papers on the topic of establishing rigorous guidelines for research into biofields and micro-psychokinesis.

Author Discussion & Book-Signing: Why Vibes Matter: Understand Your Energy & Learn How to use it Wisely with Garret Yount, PhD
Friday, September 15,
7:00 – 9:00pm PDT
Academy of Intuition Medicine

This event is hosted by The Academy of Intuition Medicine. Please visit their website for more information.


Tap Into Your Own Unique Channeling Method

The Shift Network and IONS are partnering to invite you to join the new free event, Tap Into Your Own Unique Channeling Method: Experience Your Noetic Signature™ Through a Guided Energetic Clearing & Visualization.

Channeling is not as mysterious as it seems, and you don’t have to be a “gifted” psychic or medium to access information that’s beyond your thinking mind or traditional five senses. Channeling is the process of revealing information and energy not limited by our conventional notions of space and time.
It can happen in a variety of forms — not just the trance kind of channeling that most of us think of when we imagine it. Some people have hunches, while others rely on highly tuned intuition. It can also present as mediumship, precognition, telepathy, impressions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the list goes on…
You can begin discovering your specific method through a variety of practices and processes that can help open up, ignite, and hone your channeling skills…
… until it becomes second nature and an everyday tool at your disposal to help guide you in making decisions with more ease and assuredness.
On Saturday, September 16, join IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh in an illuminating free online event in which she’ll share the many different types of channeling — and ways to improve your channeling capacity so you can begin building your own personal practice.

Tap Into Your Own Unique Channeling Method
Experience Your Noetic Signature™ Through a Guided Energetic Clearing & Visualization
Saturday, September 16th
11:00am – 12:00pm PDT

This event is hosted by The Shift Network. Please visit their website for more information.


If you have any questions, please visit The Shift Network’s support page or contact support@theshiftnetwork.com

In this engaging hour, you’ll discover:

  • A broader definition of channeling as the receiving of information and energy that’s not limited by our conventional senses — through intuition, gut hunches, mediumship, trance channeling, and more
  • A guided meditative visualization to experience channeling for yourself
  • That there’s no “right” way to channel because everyone has their own individual way of receiving information — their unique Noetic Signature
  • How channeling can enable you to make more easeful, less anxiety-provoking choices because it supports your power of discernment
  • Ways to determine whether the information you’re receiving through channeling is true

As you develop more trust in your channeling abilities and better understand the language of the unseen, you generate more ease and flow in your life, which ripples out to your relationships, families, communities, and beyond.

In Tap Into Your Own Unique Channeling Method: Experience Your Noetic Signature™ Through a Guided Energetic Clearing & Visualization with Helané Wahbeh you’ll discover the many forms of channeling, and how to tap into your own unique intuitive method — or Noetic Signature — with effective practices and techniques, so you can build trust in your choices and live in greater alignment with your highest good.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

You can RSVP for free here: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/tiycmHW/ions/

Neuroscience Needs a Revolution to Understand Consciousness

Despite the vast detailed knowledge of the brain, neuroscience cannot 1) explain consciousness, memory, binding nor real-time conscious action, 2) effectively treat Alzheimer’s or other brain disorders, nor 3) define our place in the universe. Why not? Oversimplified cartoon neurons.

‘AI’ has reinforced the notion of the brain as a complex computer of simple, empty, ‘cartoon’ neurons based on 1950s physiology, processing solely by surface membranes, synaptic transmissions, and firings as “bit-like’ units in frequencies up to 100 hertz.

But deeper, faster, coherent, and quantum non-local information processes in cytoskeletal microtubules inside neurons regulate neuronal-level functions. Over the past 10 years, Anirban Bandyopadhyay has discovered coherent kilohertz, megahertz, gigahertz, and terahertz resonance vibrations in microtubules, with megahertz and gigahertz detectable from the human scalp. Aarat Kalra, Jack Tuszynski, Travis Craddock, and others have shown quantum optical effects in microtubules are inhibited by anesthetics that selectively block consciousness.

The Penrose-Hameroff ‘Orch OR’ theory proposes consciousness depends on ‘orchestrated’ (‘Orch’) quantum superpositions leading to Penrose ‘objective reductions’ (‘OR’, wavefunction self-collapses) in brain microtubules, connecting to fundamental spacetime geometry. Orch OR has more explanatory power, connection to biology, and experimental validation than all ‘neuroscientific’ theories based on low-frequency, oversimplified cartoon neurons combined.

Neuroscience needs a revolution inward, to deeper, faster quantum processes in microtubules to understand consciousness and treat its disorders.

This event features an incredible lineup of speakers, including IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, and many more!

Neuroscience Needs a Revolution to Understand Consciousness
August 18-20, 2023
Encinitas, California

This event is hosted by The University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies. Please visit their website for more information.


2023 Parapsychological Association Convention

As an international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of psi experiences, the Parapsychological Association has been at the forefront of research in the field of parapsychology for over 65 years and is pleased to host an in-person convention once again.

This year’s convention will take place from Thursday through Sunday, August 3-6, 2023, in the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway. It will be hosted by the Norwegian Parapsychological Society in Fanehallen, a stunning venue at the center of the city.

At this year’s convention, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and engage with some of the leading experts in the field, as well as network with an international community of scholars. Notable speakers include IONS Director of Research and President of the Parapsychological Association, Helané Wahbeh, and many more.

Whether you are a seasoned researcher, an enthusiast, or a student new to the field, we hope that the 2023 PA Convention will be an exciting and enriching experience for all.

2023 Parapsychological Association Convention
August 3-6, 2023
Oslo, Norway

This event is hosted by the Parapsychological Association. Please visit their website for more information.

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER AT THE Parapsychological Association’S WEBSITE

Building the Future Together: Concepts & Innovations for the Future of Our Planet

Amidst the chaos of our rapidly changing times, there is a new horizon dawning. People all around the world are taking action for the future of our planet, creating the change that we so deeply need.

These revolutionary individuals & organizations are bringing new ideas to our global table — Ideas from every corner of the planet, and innovations that tap into greater possibilities than we have ever known before.

Building the Future Together is a conference designed to bring together innovators & visionaries, for profound conversations, explorations, & a global exchange of ideas & projects. This conference will give a platform & voice to these new-idea generators…And to the collective consciousness that speaks through all of us.

Speakers, including IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh, PhD, will discuss & bring a spotlight to projects & innovations from all around the world. Concepts such as indigenous & shamanic traditions, community-based projects, permaculture & sustainability, water & land conservation, forest restoration, psychological & spiritual well-being, and more!

Through exciting conversations with thought leaders, visionaries, pioneers, and innovators, attendees will explore entirely new dimensions of what is possible for the future of our world, and for the future of humanity.

Building the Future Together: Concepts & Innovations for the Future of Our Planet
June 5-6, 2023

This event is hosted by Ismail Eboo Pirbhai. Please visit their website for more information.


At the Edges of Consciousness

The study of consciousness requires that we take seriously the many flavors of human experience, even those—ranging from psychedelics and lucid dreaming to synchronicities, near-death experiences and mystical phenomena—that could be said to enter through the ‘backdoors of perception.’ Such experiences have until now been largely avoided by academia and left to lie beyond the border of what is typically explored scientifically and discussed in public.

However, now it is more openly being asked whether such experiences can actually inform—and even transform—not just neuroscience and fundamental physics but also our very understanding of the nature of reality and our collective and individual place in the world.

The Pari Center seeks to bring together world-renowned experts from a variety of disciplines, including IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin (via Zoom), to meet together and deepen our insights on the workings and bases of such experiences, while also exploring creative and rigorous frameworks to integrate such a constellation into a coherent understanding.

Through presentations and informal discussions in a convivial atmosphere, attendees will learn about and have opportunities to discuss the insights and research findings of world-renowned experts on what are called ‘exceptional’ experiences. The subject fits under the umbrella of consciousness research, which is currently enjoying a huge renaissance in terms of general interest and academic momentum.

Join the Pari Center for this groundbreaking event.

At The Edges of Consciousness
June 6-13, 2023
Pari, Italy

This event is hosted by the Pari Center. Please visit their website for more information.


International Energy Psychology Conference

Do you want your clients to heal faster and deeper with less stress? Join 700+ professionals at this beloved mind-body conference designed to nourish, educate and empower you.

With world-class faculty and like-minded colleagues, you’ll learn mind-body methods to rapidly heal trauma, reduce anxiety, enhance performance, and more. This is your chance to gain the tools you need to become a more effective change agent for your clients, community, and beyond.

This event is available to attend onsite and online. The main, onsite event includes:

  • 8 keynotes, 2 invited presentations, and choice of 8 learning labs or 2 demos / 4 quantum talks per time slot
  • Full breakfast Friday through Sunday and annual lunch
  • Research Symposium
  • Conference livestream recordings

IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, MS, PhD, will also be appearing as a keynote speaker. He will discuss the role of consciousness and the relationship between brain and mind. Join him to explore this evolution in our worldview and see how the scientific paradigm is changing.

International Energy Psychology Conference
June 1-5, 2023
Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, Maryland (Also available to Livestream)

This event is hosted by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). Please visit their website for more information.


Mind, Body & Spirit Week

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Spiritualist Federation! The 2023 anniversary Mind, Body & Spirit Week, the ISF’s annual education and training conference, will be held at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK

The ISF annual events are special, bringing together like-minded people to share, learn, and socialize. The events also give the opportunity for members to liaise with other Spiritualists who might be following a similar path, giving them the chance to share joys, challenges, and the path forward. At these gatherings, the important factor is the inclusive atmosphere in learning. In learning together, we all benefit from our experience and knowledge. Add into that the excellent tutors who will be coaching and teaching.

Notable speakers include IONS Director of Advancement Rosemary Calderalo, PhD, who will teach a week-long course called “Exploring Trance Mediumship,” where participants will focus on developing a deeper awareness of altered states. Rosemary will also co-leading a workshop for understanding what are the key elements in forming a circle to practice and deepen connections in trance and physical mediumship.

Mind, Body & Spirit Week
June 3-10, 2023
Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK

This event is hosted by the International Spiritualist Federation. Please visit their website for more information.

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER AT International Spiritualist Federation’S WEBSITE

Applied Precognition Project Conference

Join the Applied Precognition Project for their annual conference — a long weekend and informal gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their precognitive ability and want to hear and mingle with leaders in the field. Enjoy three days of presentations by renowned speakers, including IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, in live online webinars via Zoom.

This event will also feature the prediction of 6 events using Associative Remote Viewing with the training of Full Positive Feedback. Learn how to do ARV among friends or flex your skills for fun!

Applied Precognition Project Conference
May 26-28, 2023

This event is hosted by the Applied Precognition Project. Please visit their website for more information.


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