Your Ancestors Are Calling…

September 9-13, 2019 (PDT)
Shift Your Perspective on Anxiety & Depression to Heal Generational Wounds

Seeing unhealthy patterns in your family and deciding that those patterns end with you and won’t be passed down to future generations is a brave and powerful choice.

Anxiety and depression can be a vehicle and a message for transformation. This isn’t to say that it is easy. You have it all – healing, wisdom, knowing – within you. Call upon the ancestors. They are waiting for you to ask for their help; they want to guide you. The key is in the asking – you have to ask. Our ancestors want to help us create a planet of peaceful and loving humans. Earth is a place to experience joy, freedom and peace; and a place to absorb and express love.

Your Ancestors are CallingIf you experience anxiety and/or depression, you aren’t alone. These are natural human conditions that encourage us to look at what needs a change. It forces us to look at what we can expand or grow into, what we are capable of becoming. There are so many tools that you can draw upon to help you on this journey of health and healing. Tune into this summit to discover might work for you.

Join IONS Research Director Helané Wahbeh in this free online event! You will hear from 16 speakers who will impart wisdom and ritual that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.





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