The Living Classroom: Energetic Resonance and Fields of Consciousness

January 13, 2023 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)

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What is at work when a seemingly random group of people come together and begin to experience synchronicities and magical moments? And what does it imply when it happens over and over again, across groups and across time?

Join award-winning teacher, international speaker, and author Christopher M. Bache, PhD. as he tells the story behind his book, The Living Classroom, and shares how to apply what he learned to all kinds of group settings — in the classroom and beyond.

As he describes it, “Fields of consciousness and energetic resonance manifest everywhere around us, but they emerge with special power in group settings. For years, I watched these phenomena surface in my classroom. It touched my students in sometimes dramatic ways and triggered unexpected episodes of healing, insight, and creativity. I studied their dynamics and eventually fashioned a new approach to teaching – emphasizing the ecology of consciousness and the collective dynamics of group Minds.

What I learned as a teacher applies to all intentional groups. The issue is not education, but the nature of consciousness itself and the innate tendency of our hearts and minds to synchronize and form alliances with those around us. When collective fields are activated, our baseline consciousness is deepened and our individual capacities are augmented. But, if we are to engage these fields wisely calls for skillful means.”

We hope you’ll join us for this engaging webinar.

The Living Classroom: Energetic Resonance and Fields of Consciousness
Friday, January 13th
11:00am – 12:30pm PST


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Chris Bache, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus in the department of Philosophy and
Religious Studies at Youngstown State University. He is also adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Emeritus Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and on the Advisory Board of Grof Legacy Training. His passion is the study of the philosophical implications of nonordinary states of consciousness, especially psychedelic states. An award-winning teacher and international speaker, Chris has written four books: Lifecycles – a study of reincarnation in light of contemporary consciousness research, Dark Night, Early Dawn – a pioneering work in psychedelic philosophy and collective consciousness, The Living Classroom – an exploration of collective fields of consciousness in teaching, and LSD and the Mind of the Universe – the story of his 20-year journey with LSD. Chris is a father of three, a Buddhist practitioner, and lives with his wife Christina Hardy in Weaverville, NC.





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