Sustainability Leadership Summit

June 22-24, 2021 (PDT)

The International Leadership Association, through this Sustainability and Beyond summit, has invited IONS CEO Claire Lachance to join with other change agents and leaders to mobilize, reimagine and collectively accelerate the positive changes needed to meet the daunting challenges facing planet and people.

Business recognizes climate change is a growing material concern. Communities and individuals are increasingly negatively impacted. But not all are acting. We are in a race to reimagine our futures and design a sustainable shift toward more just, equitable, and ecological ways of living, leading, and being.

We have less than a decade to make a significant impact to alter our current trajectory of 3 degrees C global warming and protect the futures of the next generations. Leadership is about bold change, not maintaining the status quo. Together we can act and engage locally to collectively transform and scale our global community. Together we can make a positive difference!

This summit is designed to create space for people of common purpose to gather, inspire and be inspired, connect with others, and learn what they can do to help create regenerative global futures.

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