How To Transform Science: Six Potential Breakthroughs

January 18 - March 1, 2023 (PST)

Rupert Sheldrake’s scientific curiosity is drawn to areas of research where very little is known, but which have the potential for opening up whole new fields of inquiry. Questions that are neglected because they do not fit in with the prevailing orthodoxies are often the most fruitful. They open hidden doorways into new realms of the sciences. Taken together they can lead us into a more holistic, interconnected vision of nature.

In this series of talks, Rupert discusses six open questions that have occupied and preoccupied him for many years and suggests how they could be answered by new experiments, most of which are inexpensive. Some could be student or citizen science projects, and all could help overcome the ‘innovation deficit’ within scientific institutions, where cultural and funding systems favor incremental advances along familiar lines.

The rate of innovation has slowed down in recent decades, despite ever-increasing levels of funding, known to think tanks as ‘the innovation deficit’. The law of diminishing returns holds institutional science in its thrall. These talks point toward breakthroughs.

How to Transform Science: Six Potential Breakthroughs
Recordings of All Sessions Available Until March 1, 2023

This course is produced by Rupert Sheldrake. Please visit their event page for more information!

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This exciting course features six professionally recorded new talks, each 35-45 minutes long, ending with a live Q&A session. Recordings of all sessions will remain available until March 1, 2023.




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