IRVA 2022 Conference – “Visions for the Future” Celebrating 50 Years of Remote Viewing

July 22-24, 2022 (PDT)

What if you could see the location of a submarine or satellite or even a soul mate… from your living room? Find a missing child, a long-lost lover, or your car keys, by closing your eyes, relaxing, and drawing a detailed picture? Know the winning sports team or roulette numbers before arriving at the table?

Remote viewing is a systematic process for the application of intuitive abilities, that you can learn. It is done individually, in teams, and in groups, and this form of controlled intuition offers exciting and delightful community-building opportunities. This landmark conference is intellectually rigorous so it will satisfy educational goals, but also the social and spiritual yearnings of participants.

At this intensive 3-day and evening “Visions for the Future” conference, participants will be led through remote viewing “outbounder” experiments emulating those carried out in the early days of the research program around Menlo Park. One workshop will include how to conduct psychological profiling with remote viewing, led by IRVA board member Patty Gallagher. There will even be an experimental research room open throughout the conference where participants can have fun participating in remote viewing tasks!

This event will also feature a presentation on some of the latest work done by IONS Scientists and Fellows. Damon Abraham will discuss the work he, Cedric Cannard, Julia Mossbridge, and Helané Wahbeh have done developing an open-sourced database of images for use in both parapsychological and traditional psychological research. Learn about how the project aims to generate normative ratings for around 2000 unique images that vary across 18 separate subjective dimensions or classes.

IONS is pleased to share that three IONS Fellows will be presenters. Marilyn Schlitz will be speaking on July 22nd. Peter Bancel will be speaking on Parapsychology on July 24th. Julia Mossbridge will be speaking on Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing on July 24th.

IRVA 2022 Conference – “Visions for the Future” Celebrating 50 Years of Remote Viewing
July 22-24, 2022
Online and In-Person

This event is hosted by The International Remote Viewing Association. Please visit their website for more information.





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