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Remote Viewing and the Power of Images

October 20, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (PDT)

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In experimental remote viewing (RV) studies, photographs are frequently used as targets. But beyond the contents of the image itself, certain emotional, historical or spiritual qualities may be contained within the information field of the image, which could potentially influence the outcome of the experiment. Such considerations may not be limited to RV and are potentially relevant across many research disciplines.

One of the many potential outcomes of RV experiments known as “displacement,” where participants accurately describe an alternate, unselected image rather than the intended target, highlights the importance of understanding what qualities may make an image more or less “attractive” to a remote viewer. Dr. Damon Abraham, an independent researcher and behavioral scientist specializing in experimental psychology, emotion, and mental representation, has begun curating an open-source database of around 3000 images in collaboration with IONS and The Institute for Love and Time (TILT), which he’ll be telling us about in this webinar. 

This resource allows researchers to handpick stimuli for their experiments based on specific subjective attributes, and in this webinar, Dr. Abraham will discuss the project’s inspiration and potential future, including implications of this work in fields beyond RV such Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We hope you will join us for this engaging and informative event!


Remote Viewing and the Power of Images
Friday, October 20th
11:00am – 12:00pm PDT


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Damon Abraham, PhD is an independent researcher and behavioral scientist specializing in experimental psychology, emotion, and mental representation. His interests are centered at the intersection of consciousness, psi, and AI for human potential and personal growth. His explorations include non-local consciousness (OBEs, NDEs, etc.), non-local perception (RV / precognition), and non-local influence (RNGs, micro & macro-PK effects, etc.). Damon has presented at various conferences, including IRVA, IANDS, and the SSE, and is an active member of the Parapsychological Association and currently sits on the Society for Scientific Exploration’s council is an elected member. Damon is the principal research scientist for the Entangled Consciousness App.

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ConnectIONS Live – Online


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