Reach for a New Reality in 2022: Bring Your Moonshot to Life!

January 14, 2022 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)

ConnectIONS Live!

For many of us, a new year awakens impulses for possibility… yearnings to find creative ways to create transformation in yourself or in the world! You may have noticed a nudge, an inkling, a sense of something quietly calling to you — or maybe not so quietly!

This inner feeling is often an invitation to a Moonshot — a passion project that leads to positive impact for ourselves, our communities, and the world. Moonshots ask us to stretch, to access inner resources we may not know we possess, and to reach beyond the seeming boundaries. Most importantly, Moonshots build bridges to an inspiring new reality.

Reach for a New Reality in 2022: Bring Your Moonshot to Life!
January 14, 2022

11:00am – 12:30pm (PST)


In this experiential webinar, we’ll explore noetic practices to awaken your Moonshot vision or refine a vision you already have, and then empower you to bring it to fruition. We’ll also discuss how the science of attention and intention affect these activities, as well as the Possibility Accelerator Formula, a research-based noetic framework designed to foster transformation. Join us to kick off the opportunities of the new year!


Kerstin SjoquistKerstin Sjoquist is the Director of Experience & Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. A long-time IONS member, a series of synchronous and magical events led Kerstin to a staff position at the Institute in 2014, where she now spends her days in support of the creation of IONS programmatic offerings to benefit those who seek a deeper engagement with potential and fulfillment. Prior to joining IONS, Kerstin was the founder and CEO of Consciousness Arts, Inc., specializing in psycho-spiritual products, classes, and services to assist people in expanding and enhancing their lives.

Nina Fry-KizlerNina Fry-Kizler, MA, is a Senior Designer of Experiential Programs at IONS. A former professor in the Holistic Health Education Masters Program at JFK University, she teaches classes on the psychology and physiology of stress, the challenges of change/transformation, energy models of healing, wellness coaching and mind-body approaches to self-care. Nina was trained in the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training program from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and as a Birth Doula through Doulas of North America. Nina’s teachings are centered around how to use revolutionary mind-body medicine and energy healing techniques to activate the relaxation response and the body’s innate healing capacity to improve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.


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