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PETER RUSSELL: Seeds of Awakening

April 18, 2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (PDT)

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At this evening event, Peter Russell will focus on his latest book, Seeds of Awakening. He writes: “We are in the midst of a widespread spiritual renaissance, rediscovering in contemporary terms the timeless wisdom of the ages. We are seeing through the apparent differences of the world’s faiths, past their various cultural trappings and interpretations, to what lies at their heart. As we strip away the layers of accumulated obscurity, the core message not only becomes increasingly clear; it gets simpler and simpler. There is a growing recognition that awareness of our true nature does not need studious reading of spiritual texts, years of meditation practice, or deep devotion to a teacher; only the willingness to engage in a rigorously honest investigation into the nature of awareness itself. Not an intellectual investigation, but a personal inquiry into who and what we truly are.”

About the Speaker

A native of England, Peter Russell earned an honors degree in theoretical physics and psychology and a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Cambridge, where he studied for a time under Stephen Hawking. He then journeyed to India, leading to a lifetime of exploration into meditation, Eastern philosophy, and the nature of consciousness.

Peter Russell was one of the first to introduce personal development programs to corporations in the 1970s. Russell’s other books include The TM Technique, The Brain Book, The Upanishads, the bestselling The Global Brain, and From Science to God.

A world-renowned scientific visionary and futurist, Russell is a Fellow at the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and has been a keynote speaker at many conferences worldwide.

Cost: $20 – Make checks payable to IONS

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