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Original Biocuantics (BO) Intensive Course

May 4-5, 2019 (PDT)

Special Offer

Donation for BO Intensive Course:

Saturday May 4 — Module 1

First time participants: before 7 April $50, then $70. And if you want to do both Modules: before 7 April $80, then $90

Sunday May 5 — Module 2

If you have participated previously: before 7 April $70, then $80. And if you want to do both Modules: before 7 April $50, then $70.

For both Module 1 and 2 the donation for the materials is apart from the donation for participation in the course. We are preparing a very attractive offer for these materials.

Program BO Course

With BO we treat common disorders and complex syndromes. BO tests indicate when the disorder from which the subject is now suffering first started and the primary factors that produced it. For this reason it is such a valuable complement for personal change, psychotherapy and consciousness potential.

Module 1 Program

Training to carry out treatment with the protocols of the whole Energy Body (C EN) and of the Quantum Body (CC) and the maternity processes: pregnancy, childbirth and first years. We learn to harmonize the whole Energetic Body, both the lower Octaves, such as the chakras and the acupuncture meridians and the higher octaves, which are often unknown but which are the key.

The Session with Module 1:

  • Harmonizes the Electromagnetic Force of the human being.
  • Recovers the atomic links of the organs so that they can function at full capacity,
  • Increases the energy flow in acupuncture meridians.
  • Guides the functioning of nerve plexuses and chakras,
  • Reorganizes the wave, along with its function and composition, which accompanies each atom of the organism. De Broglie and Einstein.
  • Improves functioning of the organs as a team.
  • Prepares the human being to carry out a thorough organization in subjective, social and relational aspects.
Module 2 Program

Training for treatment using the protocols of Sub Molecular Networks, Histology, Neurosymbolic Processes, Complex Relational Processes and situations giving rise to dysfuntions in Consciousness and Behaviour.

This year, after years of research, we are presenting the T RPT, or The Tesla RPT, or Remote Power Technician (RPT).

A rigorously empirical, safe, accessible, biocompatible protocol. We have been experimenting with it for ten years and through it we can send unlimited energy to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

In the course we offer a rigorous explanation of why BO produces results in such different fields.

The Session with Module 2:

  • It is effective in complex genetic, neurological and systemic syndromes, such as Angelman, Barret, Autism, Epilepsy, Dysfunctions of Memory.
  • It treats sports injuries, embryonic dysfunctions and regenerative reconnection of tissues.
  • It produces harmony in the neurosymbolic and prepares subjectivity to elaborate and situate relationships dating from the past, as well as disorders in Consciousness and Behavior.

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