Noetic Global Gathering: Is There a Noetic Approach to Climate Change?

November 8, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)

Join us for this interactive investigation of how the IONS community can come together and address climate change. We will begin with a showing of the video “Eco-healing: A Lovers’ Reunion” from Charles Eisenstein’s inspiring presentation at the 2019 IONS International Conference this past July. Eisenstein states:

…today’s ecological crisis can be understood as the inevitable terminus of an age-old story of separation. Just as the extreme of yang gives birth to yin, so it is that the most iconic achievement of civilization – space travel – was a watershed moment in the recovery of ecological consciousness. This lecture weaves this thread into the tapestry of a new story, and a new-and-ancient relationship to Earth, that poses humanity with an initiatory choice today.

After this video we will break out into groups with the intention of crafting ways we can collectively, as a community, address the global climate change issue. We will provide tools, resources, and support in forming a new virtual IONS Community Group with a focus on this global issue.

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