Noetic Approaches to Aging

July 16, 2020 11:00 am - 12:15 pm (PDT)

All of us age. It is a unifying fact of life. If we can survive adulthood, our last third allows getting closer to being the person we’d like to be. If aging is inherently noetic, then all of us can have access to a quality of mind that senses what is needed without relying solely on rational processes. This is just one of the opportunities that conscious aging offers. Join our panel for a conversation about the noetic wisdom in aging — for ourselves and for our interconnected world.

Noetic Approaches to Aging

Thursday, July 16, 2020
11:00am – 12:15pm (Pacific)



Marc Blesoff

Marc Blesoff used to know everything and trust nothing. Now, Marc knows nothing and he has glimpsed trust. Marc used to believe in coincidence, but he doesn’t anymore. For over 30 years, Marc was a criminal defense attorney, then a mediator. Six years ago, he began facilitating the IONS Conscious Aging Workshops and he hasn’t stopped. It has helped him melt the armor that he’d built up. It has helped him get a clue about who he would like to be. Marc is an IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator and a member of A Tribe Called Aging.


Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White is an author and advocate for older people, especially those who face uncertain work and financial jeopardy. Her book, Fifty-five, Underemployed, and Faking Normal (published by Simon & Schuster), is for and about the millions of older Americans who, despite career choice and decent incomes, are facing the prospect of downward mobility in old age. Elizabeth White’s TEDx talk has drawn more than 1.7 million views; she is a three-time guest on PBS NewsHour. Her essays have appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Next Avenue and The Washington Post. She is a member of A Tribe Called Aging.


Evalina Everidge

Evalina Everidge has assisted others in navigating life transitions for over 40 years — through community and social justice programs, as a Registered Nurse, as a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health professional for over 15 years, and through a holistic consulting practice. Evalina’s path led her to years in hospice work. Sharing the end of life journey with individuals, their families, and friends was a profound and humbling experience that provided valuable lessons in what really matters. Now retired, Evalina has discovered her passion as a jazz vocalist and as an Age Appreciation Advocate. As an IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator and member of A Tribe Called Aging, Evalina has co-facilitated global webinars, online workshops, and presented at conferences.





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