Inclusive Symposium

June 1-30, 2022 (PDT)

Throughout the month of June, Networks is hosting an inclusive symposium spotlighting a wide variety of topics ranging from digital inclusion, best practice in employment, wellness strategies for all, innovative leadership, and more — well over 20 hours of learning opportunity.

IONS CEO Claire LaChance will be presenting on Conscious Leadership. The symposium will be a mix of on-demand sessions as well as live event. Those who register will receive weekly links to upcoming events contained within the Symposium.

Inclusive Symposium
June 1-30, 2022

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Over 20 hours of content in a mix of live and on demand formats…

Sessions include:

Best Practices in Employment with with Brandi Monts, Ashlea Lantz, Susan Schonfeld, Dr. Steven Hunt, Jill Eastman

The Dreaming Series, Part 1 with Rosa McAllister

Digital Inclusion: Who’s Responsibility Is It? With Michael Calvo

The Dreaming Series, Part 2 with Rosa McAllister

Power Moves: Transforming Leadership By Centering Diverse Employees With Disabilities with Justice Shorter

Who Are the Heros? A History of the Disability Rights Movement with Barry Whaley

The Dreaming Series, Part 3 with Rosa McAllister

Conscious Leadership with Claire LaChance

The Dreaming Series, Part 4 with Rosa McAllister

Greyston Bakery: Unlocking the Power of Human Potential through Inclusive Employment with Dr. Penny Jennings

Social Justice with Michael O’Bryan

…and more!

Bonus events and materials:

Speaking For Ourselves 40th Anniversary Virtual Celebration




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