Geneva, Switzerland

ILA 2021 CONFERENCE: Reimagining Leadership Together

October 20-25, 2021 (CEST)

Together, how can we more fully unleash the abundant potential of people, including ourselves, to collaborate across today’s many multi-faceted opportunities and complex issues? How can leadership be a greater catalyst for societal and eco-systemic advancement? How can leadership create the conditions for more equitable relationships across divides, even across lines of conflict?

ILA 2021 CONFERENCE: Reimagining Leadership Together
October 20-23, 2021 in-person in Geneva, Switzerland
October 24-25, 2021 in the Virtual Realm

We are experiencing a fast-changing climate, shifts in populations and in geo-political power, the consequences of pandemics, and exponential technology advances. These factors combined are reshaping how we live, how we interact, and how we work at a rapid pace and in ways we are yet to even imagine. A global pandemic like the Corona virus has presented us with unprecedented leadership challenges and through it we are learning we can adapt, more than we imagined was possible.

At the same time, we face growing inequalities. Freedom from fear and indignity, having a voice or a seat at the table are still far from being a shared reality. Our interdependent societies, industries and economies continue to offer opportunities for advancement, while also exposing vulnerabilities to disruption. Tensions are increasing along many divides and competition for real and imagined resources is intense.

Within organizations, change management mindsets are giving way to concepts of continuous adaptation and resilience. In increasingly diverse workplaces, everyone has a lead role to build collective trust, leverage different points of view, elicit new insights, and create sustainable value.

What isn’t changing is that engaging in leadership requires caring and compassion, it requires leaning into our anxieties, developing a tolerance for uncertainty, and learning to accept, even cherish our vulnerabilities. It also requires a commitment to understanding and removing systemic barriers that remain too high for too many people. Cross-generational and cross-gender understanding will unlock entirely new ways to advance.

It is time to expand what leadership means and who can lead. Do we need to change our approach toward the burden of steering the destiny of an organization or a nation? Perhaps advancement will depend on a greater adoption of leadership practices across society? That said, global alliances and initiatives, like the Sustainable Development Goals and the multilateral system were designed for exactly such purposes and are challenged with maintaining progress and relevance.

It is with this backdrop that we invite you to join IONS CEO Claire Lachance in Geneva, Switzerland to reimagine leadership for a safer, more just, and inclusive world. She will be participating in “ILA’s Global Leadership Roundtable” and also be chairing a session titled “Intersectionality of Leadership Development and Society.”

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Geneva, Switzerland



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