Hope, Resilience & Healing in the Covid-19 Era

March 24-27, 2021 (PDT)

Healthcare providers worldwide have put their physical and mental health at risk as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic. This is exacerbated by the often challenging position of integrative Healthcare providers seeking to balance allopathic and integrative medicine. In addition to navigating these clinical challenges, practitioners are facing risks of adverse health effects due to the restrictions implemented such as quarantine measures, reduced social contact, and self-isolation.

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine logoHow should integrative healthcare providers navigate this ever-changing challenging environment while still providing top-notch care? As a community of healthcare providers, advocates and consumers, we know that we need to mobilize and be the change we want to see during these challenging times. It is our opportunity to connect with people from all over the world to learn the latest information on the science of health and healing, network to move the integrative health movement forward, and be in a nurturing environment supported by our colleagues and friends.

Join IONS Senior Fellow, Dr. Cassandra Vieten, at this virtual conference that brings together thought leaders to engage in powerful conversation through a highly interactive learning experience, designed to provide evidence-based solutions for wellness, improved professional satisfaction, and patient care.

AIHM Virtual Conference
Hope, Resilience & Healing in the Covid-19 Era
March 24-27, 2021

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