Oxford, United Kingdom

EUROTAS 2024 Conference: Creative Bridges

September 4-8, 2024 (PDT)

“Creative bridges” are spaces where people transcend the restrictive and regressive forces that confront them in what is clearly a transitional age. By forging new connections, they create paths that may lead us wisely into the next phase of cultural and spiritual evolution.

Bridges lie at the core of our work as practitioners, researchers, and scholars. We bridge across cultures, across academic disciplines, between the science and practice of spirituality. We draw on ancient spiritual, mystical, and shamanic traditions, forging bridges to contemporary inquiry in areas of psychology, sociology, anthropology, ecology, and the study of consciousness – to name but a few! This conference looks to include bridges into the future, that we might pass on to coming generations wiser and more wholesome ways of being in community with one another and with all life on earth. We bridge between theory and practice, weaving holistic and transpersonal insights into the quest to nurture social and cultural change, to evolve our humanity beyond individualistic, mechanistic, and egocentric values.

In convening this conference, the aim is to enable transdisciplinary dialogue, bringing transpersonal psychology into fertile connection with allied disciplines, nurturing the wellbeing and flourishing of humanity in relationship to nature: our deeper nature and nature at large. Only by dwelling in, re-evaluating, and re-imagining our relationships can we evolve new visions and pathways that will feel authentic and credible in our contemporary contexts. At this time of uncertainty and transition, the EUROTAS 2024 conference is an incubator of new possibilities, a gathering to showcase what is new and vibrant—in research, in ways of practice, and in performance.

Come participate in Creative Bridges 2024 and build this gateway, a space for dreaming and shared emergence! This event will feature IONS Fellow and former President Cassandra Vieten, PhD. Early bird tickets are now available until April 30.

EUROTAS 2024 Conference: Creative Bridges
September 4 – 8, 2024
Oxford, UK

This workshop is hosted by the EUROTAS. Please visit their website for more information.




Oxford, United Kingdom


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