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Is Consciousness in the Brain?

May 19, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (PDT)

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The nature of consciousness is one of the most persistent and perplexing scientific mysteries, and it is becoming increasingly impossible to explain it by brain processes alone. This is why IONS has established the Linda G. O’Bryant Noetic Sciences Research Prize to encourage the development of leading-edge approaches to the scientific investigation of consciousness. This annual prize recognizes individuals or teams whose research helps extend the science of consciousness beyond the confines of the materialistic paradigm.

Join us for this special webinar featuring IONS Scientist Arnaud Delorme. During this free and informative event, Arnaud will discuss the importance of studying “Big C Consciousness” as well as offer a behind-the-scenes look into this groundbreaking research prize. 

Is Consciousness in the Brain?
Friday, May 19th
11:00am – 12:00pm PDT


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Arnaud Delorme, PhD

Arnaud Delorme, PhD, is a CNRS principal investigator in Toulouse, France, a faculty member at the University of California, San Diego, and a Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He is a long-time Zen meditator, and has taught in India on the neural correlates of conscious experience in a Master’s degree program for the Birla Institute of Technology. He is the author of some 160+ peer-reviewed publications, and is best known for developing the EEG software that is now the most-used in EEG research worldwide.



ConnectIONS Live – Online


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