Mission Bay Conference Center

Awakened Futures Summit 2019

May 18-19, 2019 (PDT)

On May 18th and 19th, 2019, Consciousness Hacking will be holding their first annual 2-day AWAKENED FUTURES SUMMIT at the intersection of psychedelics, technology and meditation. The summit attendees will explore how the renaissance of psychedelic science and the mainstreaming of contemplative practices might combine with the latest transformative technologies to create the next paradigm of healing and awakening.

For millennia, humans have used ancient technologies like meditation and psychedelic medicine to expand their consciousness, support healing and facilitate deep personal and collective transformation. As we continue to expand our technological capacities in the modern age, new tools for transformation are being birthed.

This summit brings together visionaries, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs at the leading-edge to explore the integration points between these domains. They will be investigating questions such as:

  • What are the potential implications of scalable and universally accessible technologies that are as potent as peak psychedelic experiences or thousands of hours of meditation?
  • How can psychedelics, tech and meditation be combined to create totally new transformative tools leveraging the best of each?
  • What can we learn from the current landscape of psychedelic research and therapy to better design and administer transformative technologies?
  • Could modern tech ever replace organic molecules and traditional practices as a means of shifting consciousness?
  • What are the ethical considerations and risks of these developments?
  • How do we preserve the wisdom of the ancient traditions as we move forward into an uncertain and technologically-enhanced future?

This will not be your typical conference, but a participatory and interactive learning and sharing experience. Building off the success of our Crypto-Consciousness Conference last year and four years of unique event production, their intention is to facilitate deep, meaningful connection and conversation between speakers and attendees. In addition to speaker presentations, the event will feature a variety of panels, un-panels, breakout sessions, small discussion groups, and plenty of opportunities to engage directly with speakers. Each morning will begin with a guided ceremony combining meditation with mind altering tech, and a mood altering substance (aka cacao). Saturday night bring your dancing shoes because you’ll be up late with live music, DJ, and good times.

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Mission Bay Conference Center

1675 Owens Street #251
San Francisco, CA
United States

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