IONS 18th International Conference

Post-Conference Workshop

3-2-1: Activation! A Synergy Fusion Fest

Post-Conference Workshop

Sunday, July 21, 2019
2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

What is our “Possibility Accelerator” that will empower an evolutionary leap in global consciousness? It’s our Moment of Choice: Let’s actively create the future that we want together. It’s time to lift off into our unlimited potential!

This dynamic, participatory “playshop” will include lively Synergy Circles and compelling fishbowl conversations, grounding and guided meditations, silence, storytelling, initiation, strategic visioning, music and dance in three interactive sessions on:

3 — Big Picture Change

The Power of Story, the New Narrative of Evolution and Activating our Advanced Human Potential.

2 — What Is Beyond

The Relationship between Inner Space and Outer Space that extends to the broadest reaches.

1 — Taking it Forward

Tools, projects and ongoing connections that will fuel our individual and collective missions.

Activation and Celebration!

Join members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and get ready to Lift Off into the field of boundless possibilities.


The Evolutionary Leaders, a project of The Source of Synergy Foundation, is a worldwide community of visionary authors, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders and social change agents who have established a collective platform to accelerate human evolution to the next level of consciousness.

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