IONS Scientists Investigate Hypothesis that Everything Is Connected

July 27, 2018
Nina Fry-Kizler, Science Team

Each of our six ground-breaking IONS scientists work on multiple exciting research projects. All of which investigate the Science Team’s overall hypothesis that everything is interconnected, and that embodying that awareness reveals information and energy not limited by space and time, which can create breakthroughs in transformation, innovation, and well-being. Each one of these studies answers a piece of our larger research question.

Our research focuses on three primary questions (and sub-questions) about noetic phenomena and consciousness:

  1. How are we interconnected?
    What is the role of consciousness in the physical world?
  2. Can we access information not limited by space and time?
    What characteristics allow us to access information and energy from beyond space and time? What tools can we use to access information from beyond space and time more easily?
  3. Does accessing information not limited by space and time create breakthroughs in transformation, innovation, and well-being?
    What is the role of Consciousness and mental and physical health?

Below are some of our current projects which are designed to rigorously gather scientific data on these questions (some of these projects are currently recruiting participants):

The Missing Photon Experiment: Does Focused Attention Employ Matter as an Agent for Interacting with Light? In a mind-photon interaction experiment, we’ve built an instrument which we hope will reliably detect attention/intention/consciousness interactions.

Consciousness and Healing, Awe, Extended Human Capacities: Edgar Mitchell was the founder of IONS and sixth astronaut to walk on the moon. A virtual reality program of Edgar’s moonwalk and return home is being created with the intention of generating an awe experience for the user. We’re investigating whether a virtual reality environment can stimulate worldview shifts, assist in mind-body healing and augment extended human capacities.

Implicit Beliefs in the Study of Experimenter Effects in the Replication of Psi Experiments: This global initiative investigates whether implicit beliefs of both experimenters and participants influence their results in the psychic tasks. We ask the questions: Does the researcher’s belief in psi influence the results of psi experiments? Does precognition exist? This study is currently recruiting participants.

A Study of Mediumship: This study assesses the accuracy of mediums at determining the cause of death of 200 individuals by looking at photographs. In this study we are asking the questions: Can mediums gain verifiable information using means not yet understood by modern science?

Presentiment in Social Media Using Twitter Data: We are analyzing Twitter data to see if there are measurable shifts in collective consciousness before large world events. For example, we are currently working on an analysis of presentiment indicators before the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, 2017. If such indications are found, then social media data may be useful for creating a “pre-crime” service.

A Physiological Examination of Full-trance Channeling: We are evaluating neurophysiological measures in full-trance channels before, during and after channeling sessions to localize brain areas/networks and identify physiological systems important in the process of going from a regular state of consciousness to a channeling state and back again.

Genetics of Psychic Ability: We are comparing DNA samples from vetted psychics and age, gender, and race matched controls are being analyzed to evaluate any gene or gene network differences. In this study, we are investigating whether biology (in this case genetics) plays a role in psychic perception.

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