We’re Bringing Back ConnectIONS Live!

September 9, 2020
Engagement Team

With the challenges of the last six months, one thing has become increasingly obvious: access to noetic wisdom and tools is essential for our resilience and well being. When the global pandemic began last Spring, we made the decision to make our ConnectIONS Live webinars free to all. During these weekly sessions we invited guests to engage in in-depth conversations on science, spirituality, leadership, purpose, collective consciousness, and so much more. We had such a positive response, and so many of you have shared how these webinars have impacted your lives, that we decided we have to keep the flow going.

Scheduled for most Fridays this Fall, these webinars convene noetic thought leaders, scientists, and specialists who are exploring the leading edge of research, practices, and philosophy, and helping us all to navigate the turbulent waters of our times.

Upcoming ConnectIONS Live: Free Friday Series

Consciousness After Death: What is the evidence, what survives, and how do our beliefs about it affect us?
September 11, 2020
11:00am-12:15pm Pacific

Join three expert panelists to explore the current evidence on survival of consciousness research, how it is beginning to gain acceptance in clinical settings, and why people often don’t share that they’ve had a near death experience. Learn More & Register

The Space Less Traveled
September 18, 2020
11:00am-12:15pm Pacific

Join us in a celebration of IONS founder, Apollo 14 astronaut, and sixth man to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell. IONS Board Chair, Claudia Welss, will speak with filmmakers Antares Davis (Edgar’s goddaughter) and Cameron Jutte about their upcoming feature-length documentary, The Space Less Traveled. Learn More & Register

Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational QuestNoetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest
September 25, 2020
11:00am-12:30pm Pacific

Join us for an intimate conversation with Alan Briskin and IONS CEO Claire Lachance as we ask: How can noetics shed light on a new way to lead in times of transformation and challenge? Learn More & Register

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