Webinar Video of Noetic Leadership in Practice Available

March 2, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

In last week’s ConnectIONS Live webinar, we will turned the tables in our exploration of Noetic Leadership, with IONS CEO, Claire Lachance taking the role of interviewee. Alan Briskin, Noetic Leadership Executive Advisor, talked with Claire as she discussed her personal and professional noetic experiences, and how they have influenced her leadership of IONS. Claire and Alan also discussed the evolution of the Noetic Leadership Initiative, with an emphasis on practical applications for today’s leaders across a variety of sectors and domains.

Did you miss the live event? A recording of the webinar is available to the public to watch through Friday, March 5th.

Watch the Video

Noetic Leadership is an ongoing initiative stewarded by the Institute of Noetic Sciences to cultivate leaders, of all kinds, by nourishing their own inner wisdom and propensity to lead from an emerging knowledge of our interconnection with other human beings, nature, and the cosmos.

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