We Are IONS: A Preliminary Analysis

October 20, 2015
Communications Team

Though the core activities at IONS focus on research, education and running a transformative learning center, we are well aware that the heart of this organization resides within our members and supporters. Our staff is touched daily by our interactions with people who resonate with our efforts to create a shift in consciousness that will impact this world in a positive way.

This resonance was strikingly evident in our recent I Am IONS campaign, during which we asked our constituents to share their noetic perspectives. We received 101 heart-felt, honest, and sometimes soul-baring responses. And while we read each-and-every post several times, allowing ourselves to bask in the communal sharing, being a scientific organization we couldn’t resist also doing a little data crunching.

In our preliminary analysis, we found that the submissions generally fell into one of three categories: personal story, world view, and life path.

16% of our respondents shared touching personal stories — instances in their lives that revealed a deeper connection with the nature of being. They spoke of life’s most difficult experiences, such as illness, death, loss, as well as things that set them apart from the mainstream, such as precognition, channeling, and spontaneous healing.

21% shared their noetic world views — thoughts about what the world does (and could) look like when viewed through a noetic lens.  They talked about subjects such as education, psychology, ethics, spirituality, and culture, and the shape of things to come when we have an even broader and more inclusive paradigm about the role of consciousness in those arenas.

A full 63% told us how the “noetic” has been a guiding theme for years, affecting every facet of their lives. Over and over again people stated “since I was a child…,” and “for my entire life I’ve…,” making the point that these perspectives, which are so often shunned in mainstream society are quite possibly natural, inborn inclinations.

We invite you to delve into these posts, and hope that you will find the same inspiration in them they we did. And while the campaign is closed and we are no longer accepting submissions, we of course encourage you to share your noetic perspectives in your own lives, with family, friends, and colleagues. Spread the word and support the shift in consciousness!

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