Join Us at Waging Peace: Building Humanity’s Golden Peace

October 6, 2022
IONS Board Chairman Claudia Welss and Chief Scientist Dean Radin

As the world faces multiple crises, we look toward strong leadership now more than ever. Waging Peace: Building Humanity’s Golden Peace, a new event hosted by The Visioneers International Network and the International Foundation of Learning, honors and celebrates the official designation of the extraordinary achievements of a multigenerational, global cohort of leaders, changemakers, and wisdom keepers. Hear their greetings, wisdom, and strategies for action to secure a peaceful, sustainable future.

If you’re open to guidance, now is your chance to be inspired by soul-deep messages of heart and mind, and the clear clarion call of global thought leaders. Experience the joyful singing of one hundred voices presenting visions of a prosperous, thriving future. Celebrate the stories of good work and outstanding leaders in your own community. Receive the tools needed to create your own project of good work.

This free event will be live-streamed and held in person at the UBC Old Auditorium in Vancouver, Canada. It’s open to the public of all ages, but registration is required.

Waging Peace:
Building Humanity’s Golden Peace
Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 11:00 AM PDT
In-Person & Virtual


This launch is the introduction to a program of ten legacy episodes filmed by leading wisdom keepers, including IONS founder Edgar Mitchell and Past President Willis Harman, each speaking of a different aspect of Humanity’s Golden Peace and providing their vision for the future. These episodes and the launch will be available to registrants as a world-class teaching and learning opportunity following the launch.

Participants may choose to become part of an action-oriented global network to create positive solutions to contribute to the future survival of humanity. They can showcase their good work in their own communities and create their own good projects to be seen around the world. New networks for connection and mentoring will be an ongoing project of the Visioneers International Network.

Our wisdom keepers tell us that we are moving into an age of global mind change and that this decade is pivotal for the shift to take hold. The legacy episodes from world-class teachers — including IONS founder Edgar Mitchell and Past President Willis Harman will create an outstanding educational experience to show the way.

The Visioneers’ call to action in Waging Peace will launch Visioneers Leadership Circles in communities everywhere to show how people can collaborate in a Web of Good Work as we build the Wall of Stories to create observable evidence of humanity’s progress in achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Everyone can become part of this global movement to transcend current fears of breakdown and never-ending crises. Our wisdom keepers all agree, that solutions lie in the collective action of creative enlightened people (in the Collaboratory).

Please support this unique effort to develop a new paradigm for our world.

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Event Features Exclusive Video Recordings from IONS Founder Edgar Mitchell and Past President Willis Harman:






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