Understanding Twin Flames: A Connected Survival of Consciousness?

February 28, 2023
IONS Communications Team

In a previous blog, we discussed how soulmates may share past life connections. Now, we’d like to expand upon the topic by exploring the idea of twin flames. From ancient times to today’s hot Hollywood couple, the concept of twin flames is captivating.

What are Twin Flames?

It is believed that twin flames are a special type of soul connection. While some people assume that it’s the same as a soul mate, this connection comes in both platonic or romantic forms. The common idea is that it occurs when a being of higher consciousness, is split in two and incarnated into two different bodies on Earth. An example could be twins who share an energetic resemblance rather than a biological one. 

A Shared Survival of Consciousness

Someone with a twin flame shares that with another being. Twin flames reincarnate together as a way of raising the vibration of Earth in an effort to bring humanity closer to love and unity. This could imply that the survival of consciousness may not be a solitary process and that some forms may even help to serve a greater purpose. That may be why meeting your twin flame has been described as feeling explosive. 

Instances of Twin Flames

The first well-known mention of twin flames or twin souls comes from Plato 2500 years ago. In the Symposium, Plato presents a theory of the original humans having two sets of every body part and organ: four arms, four legs, etc. Plato mentioned how these humans were then split into two, forever destined to look for their other half. Aristotle said “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Plato said “and when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”

Meeting your Twin Flame?

Perhaps you’re now wondering how to know when or if you’ve met your twin flame. Although authentic twin flames can be less common, people have reported feeling an instantaneous connection or a strange inner pull towards that person. It can feel as though you’ve reconnected with a part of yourself that was always supposed to be there.

A Period of Separation

As mentioned earlier, having a twin flame can feel both exciting and explosive. However, even with such a strong connection, there may still be a necessary period of separation. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including it not being the right time for both people, or because more growth is needed for the flame to be sustained. This separation can be part of the greater journey to unite and sometimes take years to work through. However, twin flames that do manage to reunite after these periods can lead to a much stronger bond, or brighter flame.

A Personal Experience with Twin Flames

To truly understand the significance of all this, a friend of IONS shared her first-hand experience of a twin flame connection. She attested that, at least empirically, twin flames are a very real phenomenon. It is like getting a personal trainer in spiritual and personal growth, like the most mesmerizing tailor-made dress.

Simultaneously, it can be a lonely and vulnerable path since it defies the rules of ordinary, earth-bound relationships. This connection requires you to focus on the energetic realms and see past the illusions and limitations of the material world. As such, it is the ultimate noetic experience! If you manage to keep that focus and trust, while having your deepest wounds triggered, you will forge a connection with the noetic world beyond anything you’ve experienced.

While this twin flame story is still being written, she is eternally grateful for this experience. There’s a constant stream of noetic experiences that she has had the opportunity to get “confirmed” by her twin flame. 

For example: 

  • A few months before meeting for the first time, she had a spontaneous premonition about meeting someone who looked and felt similar to their twin. It took a while to connect the dots upon meeting, but once she remembered, she “knew” it was him in the vision.
  • She had a sudden, irrational urge to take an intercontinental flight – even though it meant missing out on a paid trip and losing the money for it. She had a strong feeling of needing to be on that exact flight. She booked a ticket the day prior to the flight (while usually booking weeks in advance for long-haul flights).
  • Three weeks later, the author and her twin met for the “first” time in the town where we both live. (“First” because when talking, both of them soon realized they had been on that same flight… and remembered locking eyes with each other several times! She told him she felt they had met before the flight, in a past life, and he replied that he felt the same. 

The connection has taught her to trust and surrender like nothing else, and that the most important connections to nurture are the ones to oneself and that something greater: call it the universe, God, or source. When those relationships are harmonious, everything else will fall into place. 

It has strongly increased her noetic capacities and the two of them have experienced multiple instances of telepathy, synchronicities, and shared emotions and physical pain. Her intuition in general has skyrocketed and she experiences more flow in life. 

An Undeniable Connection

As with other noetic phenomena, there is still much to be discovered about exactly how twin flames work. Though it is difficult to document concrete proof of this experience, the long history contemplating the subject matter by philosophers as far back as Plato is remarkable and worth continuing to pursue the truth our own souls may be trying to convey to us.

Ultimately, a twin flame connection gives an undeniable inner knowing of one of IONS core principles: that we are all connected.

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