Twin Telephone Telepathy Study

June 14, 2022
Science Team

Participants in this study will be compensated $80 for completing 12 trials. Each trial will take less than one minute.


IONS performed an experiment investigating the link between genetics and telepathy. Is telepathy stronger between family members than between two arbitrary people? We’re now taking this one step further by investigating twin telepathy.

Twins have anecdotally been known for sharing an inexplicable, telepathic bond. Previous experiments on twin telepathy show intriguing results – but none of them has explored the prevalence of telepathy in twins and compared it to other family members. Is the intensity of this psi phenomenon proportional to genetic similarity? Can it even be mediated through genetics somehow?

In this project, we’ll explore this connection through the lens of science within the phenomenon known as telephone telepathy: the ability to guess who’s calling before looking at the phone. 

If you or someone you know is a twin, you’re invited to participate in this exciting experiment! The results will then be compared to those of the telephone telepathy study with family members that are not twins previously conducted at IONS. 

Please visit our research site for more info and to sign up.

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