The Science of AH-HA! Moments

October 12, 2016
Communications Team

What inspires our biggest innovations and transformations? Could these AH-HA! moments have anything to do with the science of psychic phenomena?

In this video IONS president, Cassandra Vieten, takes a deep dive into the research on humankind’s most extraordinary experiences, breakthroughs, and capacities. She also examines some of the ways that we can use technology and our own thought process to make these AH-HA! moments more commonplace. Then, digging into IONS’ research and the science of what connects us, Cassi takes a look at what that may mean for empirically verifying psychic phenomena.

This video was recorded at a Consciousness Hacking event in San Francisco titled “Lifting the Veil: The Convergence of Science, Spirituality, and Technology” that took place on September 7th, 2016.

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