The Global Consciousness Project and Ukraine

April 6, 2022
Experience & Engagement Team

Have you heard about the Global Consciousness Project (GCP)? This project explores the potential existence of a fundamental consciousness uniting us all, by measuring the impact of major world events on a world-spanning network of random number generators. 

The underlying hypothesis of the GCP is that the normally random output from the network starts to show structure during major world events. It should be noted that the GCP data analysis is designed to monitor shorter events – usually of a few hours’ duration – so it isn’t tailored to interpret long-persisting significant world events like the pandemic. 

That said, it is possible to probe the data stream. When looking at time spans of 7 hours each for March 11-13, 16, and 17, sharp deviations from expectation showed up for four of the five days. While no definite conclusions can be made, the results are intriguing, and suggest the network “saw” our powerful emotional response to WHO declaring the Covid pandemic.

Similar patterns are shown for the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We see strong deviations from chance values when looking at February 24 to 28, 2022. The inference by GCP director Roger Nelson is that these variations may be due to higher than normal levels of coherent emotions – especially compassion – for the Ukrainian people suffering the ravages of war, for the refugees forced to leave their country. Compassion has previously been shown to be one of the strongest correlates of GCP. 

The results suggest that our collective thoughts and emotions impact the entire world. So next time you meditate, remember that perhaps you’re not only positively impacting yourself – but the whole of humanity. 

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