Telephone Telepathy Webinar Replay Available

February 8, 2022
Experience & Engagement Team

Maybe you have had the mysterious synchronicity of thinking of someone – only to have them call you the moment after. Sometimes referred to as telephone telepathy, previous scientific studies show that this phenomenon is likely not just chance. At IONS, we’re taking the research one step further by investigating whether genetics can play a role in telephone telepathy. Do family members share an inexplicable bond, allowing for communication outside of ordinary time and space? Do the degree of relatedness and emotional closeness affect telepathy?

We invite you to watch a replay of our Telephone Telepathy webinar, where we shared information about this exciting experiment – and extend an invitation for you to participate! We’re looking for groups of three family members who are curious about contributing to cutting-edge science in the field of the genetic components of consciousness.

This webinar recording is available to all until Friday, February 11, 2022. After that date, it becomes a benefit of IONS membership and only Members will have access to the video.

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