Telepathy – More Common Than You Might Think

February 1, 2022
Science Team

Have you experienced the seeming serendipity of thinking of someone, only to receive a phone call from them a couple of minutes later? Perhaps a parent, a sibling, or another family member? Can this phenomenon be something more than a mere coincidence?

Telephone telepathy is when one person thinks about someone for no apparent reason – only to have that person call them shortly after. Or hearing the phone ring and “just knowing” who it is before looking at the screen.

Existing Research on the Topic

IONS Fellow, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and his team have conducted studies on telephone telepathy and the results suggest that there is strong scientific evidence of telepathy – chances that the experiences are random range from 1 in 100 down to 1 in 1 x 10e19.

Proudly Presenting the IONS Study on Telephone Telepathy!

At IONS, we’re conducting a new, exciting study on the topic of telephone telepathy to see if there is a genetic component to this psychic ability.

We’re looking for families curious about exploring and contributing to cutting-edge science in the study of human consciousness. And we need your help – if psychic abilities intrigue you, you’re welcome to participate! Please visit our research site for more info and to sign up.

The underlying hypothesis is that there is a genetic component behind psi phenomena like telepathy. Since genetics underpin physical and intellectual abilities, why would psychic abilities be an exception? Anecdotal evidence suggests that genetics do indeed play a role. But science is lagging behind – and that’s the motivation for this study.

The experiment is the first large-scale investigation of the role of genetics in telepathy between relatives or family members. Can you feel the calling?

Telepathy – More Common Than We Might Believe

Existing scientific studies suggest that telepathy, or mind-to-mind communication, is quite common. A recent study with 899 participants showed that 67% of the subjects had experienced telepathy. Even more mind-blowing – other studies suggest that telepathy can be reliably observed and replicated in the laboratory!

If you feel called to test the telepathic connection between you and your family members, please keep reading!

Telephone Telepathy: Study Setup

The study will examine how accurate people are at guessing which one of their family members are calling them. Furthermore, it will encompass several aspects like genetic relatedness and emotional closeness to see if they affect the outcome. No previous studies have looked at these correlations.


This project is meant to serve as a foundation for further research examining which genes are involved in psychic abilities. It could then be possible to enhance the expression of these genes for people with communication disabilities to offer them an alternative way of communicating beyond language. On the other hand, suppressing the expression of these genes could help alleviate conditions like psychotic episodes.

Participate in the world’s first study of the genetic influences on telephone telepathy!

To participate, please check out further information and eligibility criteria on this link. The IONS research team is excited to have you join in!

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