Exploring the Work of Suzanne Giesemann

May 31, 2023
IONS Communications Team

Have you ever wondered what happens after we leave our bodies? Perhaps you’ve felt emptiness, perhaps hope – or both. For spiritual teacher, medium and mystic Suzanne Giesemann, the answer lies in a message of hope.

But that wasn’t always the case. Suzanne used to work as a navy commander with no plans of working in spirituality. A tragic event changed the trajectory of her life: her stepdaughter Susan, and Susan’s unborn baby, passed away after being struck by lightning. Suzanne found herself on a spiritual journey and started to meditate daily. 

One day, she got in contact with Susan. And her life would be forever changed.

Evidence-Based Mediumship

Having quit the Navy and started to dedicate her life to her newfound spiritual path, Suzanne wrote her first book, The Priest and the Medium. Her regular meditation sessions opened up her own intuitive abilities, and she began taking classes on mediumship. She went to England and took classes on mediumship at the renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stansted. Her journey is chronicled in her memoir Messages of Hope and an eponymous documentary. 

What’s particular about Suzanne’s way of connecting to the spirit world is that she’s an evidential medium, something she attributes to her logical, navy-commander mind. In mediumship sittings, she asks the person on the other side to share information that isn’t possible to find out through a simple background check, such as age or occupation. These pieces of information often blow the mind of the sitter (the client in a mediumship session), which leads to the core and mission of Suzanne’s work: instilling hope. 

Her Work

Suzanne works with clients one-on-one in mediumship sittings, connecting with their loved ones on the other side. Her approach of evidence-based mediumship, described above, often leaves the clients astounded and sows a seed of hope that their loved ones are well and watching over them. 

To date, she has released 13 books and narrated audios with binaural beats that help create a more coherent brainwave state. 

She founded The Awakened Way, a path to knowing who you are and why you’re here on Earth. She also offers channeling sessions with Sanaya, her team of spirit guides. The recordings and transcripts of these sessions are available on her YouTube channel and website. She did one channeling at the outbreak of the pandemic, where Sanaya referred to the collective fear as a “gray blanket covering Earth.” Some of her other channeling sessions talk about the balance between being a human and a soul at once, which we all need to navigate, understanding who we are, and what spirit says about mental illness and depression. 

She created “The Daily Way” which is inspirational messages from her spirit guides read by 10,000+ people to help people connect with higher consciousness. 

Suzanne’s View on the Afterlife

Suzanne was featured in the 2019 documentary Life to Afterlife: I Died, Now What? by Craig McMahon. In the documentary, she shares her perspective on what happens after death. When asked if there are multiple “levels” in the afterlife, Suzanne argues that the concept of levels is human thinking, a way for our rational minds to grasp the infinity of the spirit world. 

Instead, she explains the different states of existence by a light ray emanating from Source as the brightest light, then going all the way to Earth, which is more dimmed. We, as souls, control where on that spectrum we exist based on how much love we embody. We “uplevel” by aligning with love even more. 

She explains the complex, spiritual concepts by simple, relatable analogies such as light bulbs and Ferraris – and always comes back to the importance of love. She shares a story of when she went mountain biking and got annoyed at the roots that disturbed her otherwise smooth journey. Then she realized nature had just provided her a metaphor for life itself – and that mastery of life is not about avoiding the roots and roadblocks, but asking ourselves: “What can I do to bring more light into the world as a result of this?”

One of Our Most Influential Spiritual Teachers

As a recognition of her contribution to the evolution of consciousness, Suzanne recently got recognized on the Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit Magazine 2022 List Of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. In her own words: “You can imagine my emotions when the 2022 Watkins list was announced and I saw my name there with many who have inspired me through the years. I do believe this is the greatest honor of my life to date.” 

Her work guides people to know that love never dies and that we are part of a multidimensional universe. If we could all fully believe in those words, much of the grief and despair in the world would be replaced by hope and faith.

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