Success with Soul

November 7, 2019
Claire Lachance, CEO

As a transformational leader, I’ve dedicated much of my life to supporting people in bringing noetic practices into their professional lives. I like to think of it as where mystic meets MBA. How can we best use our inner-knowing in harmony with classical management tools to produce results that are both successful for our organizations and sustainable for our interconnected world?

Through my work, I’ve become increasingly aware that our current collective definition of success which fosters competition, money for money’s sake, image, and status is soul crushing – fueling anxiety, stress, shame, comparison, and deep feelings of “not enough.” This is so ingrained in our collective DNA that it is as if we are fish unaware that we are swimming in toxic waters.

Together, we need to create a new definition of success that is soul nourishing, life enhancing, and good for our world. This is why I am excited to join 14 other internationally known experts on the Success with Soul Summit with Gale West starting on November 11th. The Summit’s mission is to create a new vision of success that will feed our individual and collective souls and an atmosphere of collaboration and generosity to our world. My interview will be aired on November 12th.

Now, more than ever, this conversation is an urgent one to have. Today’s leaders have the ability to redefine success in a soul-affirming way as we are called to address the challenges – and opportunities – of our times.

I invite you to join me on the free Success with Soul Summit as I discuss the role of inner wisdom and interconnectedness in our role, and great responsibility, as leaders.

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