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March 29, 2016
Communications Team

Julia Mossbridge, Director of IONS Innovation Lab, recently participated in Spiritual Technologies 2.0, an online summit exploring the pioneering tools that power spiritual awakening, growth, and connection. Participating innovators included Ken Wilber, Bill Harris, Mikey Siegel, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, and many more.

The Spiritual Technologies producer is graciously letting us share a video of Julia’s interview. Below is an outline of the expansive conversation that ensued.

Spiritual Technologies is offering access to the 2.0 videos free of charge — just sign up at their website. Meanwhile, enjoy this thought-provoking conversation with Julia.

0:00 – Introduction

3:10 – What we are not conscious of?

4:00 – Julia’s early precognitive experiences.

5:40 – What do we mean by “consciousness”?

9:20 – The conscious and unconscious mind.

12:17 – Big self and small self.

15:15 – The self is a puppet.

20:30 – Precognition experiments.

26:25 – Gender differences in precognition.

30:05 – Psi effect size consistent with commercial drugs.

31:00 – Science and our experience of the world.

35:00 – Choice Compass app.

49:52 – Julia’s book.

57:00 – William James and psychology.

59:00 – Transcendence Technology.

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