Let’s Shatter the Misconceptions About Later-Life

February 11, 2020
Experience & Engagement Team

The last act in the great performance of life is crucial to the narrative. In this act, life provides a great opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth. It’s a time to celebrate a life journey, to harvest the wisdom of those experiences, and to share what was meaningful in the company of others.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has developed a program specifically for older people who are ready to embrace this stage of their journey. The IONS Conscious Aging program consists of a series of eight facilitated sessions designed to shift participants’ consciousness from self-limitation, lack, isolation, and fear toward expansiveness, inclusiveness, wholeness, connection, and compassion. Each session features an interplay of activities that includes listening to one’s inner wisdom and guidance and integrating inspirational ideas and best practices from the collective wisdom of the group!

The IONS Conscious Aging program highlights the important role consciousness and awareness play in wellness, transformation, and personal health — especially as we age. A trained facilitator is essential in building a safe and creative space for people to explore the gifts of later life, develop strategies to alleviate the stresses of aging, and relish in their accrued wisdom.

That’s where you come in!

Do you have a strong desire to build connections? Do you yearn for intimate conversation circles? Would you like to participate in the collective wisdom of those in your community?

Consider becoming an IONS-Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator!

IONS offers an online, self-study training program. The training provides facilitators with all the resources necessary to set up, market, and lead this eight-session workshop in their local communities. And if you would like to customize the workshop sessions for your unique community, you can do so as well!

Learn more about becoming a Conscious Aging Facilitator!

Would you like an opportunity to experience the Conscious Aging program as a participant prior to leading your own workshop? Check out our upcoming online workshop which starts February 27th.

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