Science & Psychics: Dr. Helané Wahbeh Reveals Premonition & Channeling Research – Ask Dr. Drew

April 6, 2022
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Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research at IONS, was interviewed on the Dr. Drew Show about her work on the research of channeling. 

Besides being a medical doctor, Dr. Drew is a media personality. He hosted the national radio show Loveline for over 30 years, where he gave relationship and medical advice. He’s also known for TV shows Dr. Drew On Call on HLN and the daytime series Lifechangers on The CW. 

The interview offered intriguing insights from recent research at the intersection of science and spirituality. Here are some highlights:

11:15 – Noetic Signature: Helané explains how professional medium Colby Rebel’s experience with channeling can be understood as a noetic experience.

13:30 – Noetics and genetics: Several studies suggest that most people who have noetic experiences also have family members sharing these experiences. An example is a pedigree study on second sight and family ties in the UK. This experiment that led IONS to do a more formal study looking at the potential link between channeling and genetics.

20:38 – Trance channelers and genetics: A brilliant example of the complexity of scientific research – not all studies prove the hypothesis to be correct! 

21:34 – Study looking at interconnectivity: Preliminary results suggest that increased communication paths between brain hemispheres indicates heightened noetic wisdom. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective – humans who could access information beyond the five ordinary senses had a greater chance at survival. Just imagine the survival chances of running away from a hungry tiger before you see it compared to when it’s already in front of you! 

28:03 – Do people with or without psychic abilities have genetic mutations? Somewhat surprisingly, all humans naturally seem to have noetic capacities! Rather than a genetic mutation being present in people with pronounced psychic abilities, it was present in the part of the population who did not acknowledge possessing such capacities. One may wonder why this gene has been suppressed? Without jumping to conclusions, the silencing of the gene seems to follow the geographical spread of Christianity as well as the use of technology (the latter being an even stronger predictor). These relationships may or may not be causal but are quite mind-blowing and show the malleability of human DNA to environmental factors. 

36:00 – Distant Mental Intention of Living Systems experiment: This fascinating experience consisted of placing one person, the sender, in a shielded room – and another, the receiver, in another room. The sender was told to periodically send positive intention and relax the intention. It was observed that the physiology of the receiver shifted instantaneously when the sender sent the positive intention. This indicates that the body may have intelligence beyond the fundamental forces of physics limited by the speed of light for information transfer.

39:17 – Lab experiment where people felt staring through walls: To feel when someone stares at you without seeing it has evolutionary importance – or in Dr. Drew’s words, “if a leopard is staring at you, you wanna feel it”. 

41:21 – Noetic Signature™: IONS has developed the Noetic Signature™ consisting of 12 so called noetic markers. The Noetic Signature™ encompasses distinct capacities for accessing and receiving noetic information, for example, intuition, clairvoyance, dreams, and touch. Some are purely physical such as goosebumps, suggesting that the human body is a tool for experiencing the extraordinary in ways yet to be explored and explained through science.

53:44 – Materialism vs. other paradigms as the basis of reality: More and more members of the scientific community acknowledge that materialism falls short of accurately describing reality. Paradigms where consciousness is fundamental rather than emergent seem to better adhere with anecdotal evidence of the workings of reality. It should be noted that this doesn’t mean dismissing materialism – but rather being open to an expansion and extension of the current understanding of how the universe works.

55:43 – Interconnectedness can explain instant information transfer: Quantum entanglement shows that information can travel in a way that doesn’t fit into the material worldview. The phenomenon of an interconnected universe – one of the pillars of IONS – could explain why we can access information instantaneously, in a realm where ordinary time and space don’t make sense. How? That is yet to discover!

56:24 – Some practical examples of noetics: One famous example is the Stargate program, in which soldiers were trained in remote viewing. Other practical applications have been seen in archeology, where noetic abilities have been leveraged to locate buried objects, and to make profit in the stock market.

1:03:47 – How you can trust inner guidance: Helané Wahbeh goes deeper into this topic in her book, The Science Behind Channeling. 

1:08:45 – How to access inner guidance now: Take a couple of deep breaths and connect within, then ask for answers to your question. Sometimes the seemingly simple approaches are the most powerful!

1:10:30 – The importance of going within: Intuitive knowing can help us bring order into a seemingly overwhelming world and contribute to elevating collective consciousness.

We warmly recommend to go and watch the entire video to get the full interview and a refreshing perspective on the dominant materialistic worldview. Because when we open our minds and expand consciousness, there are no limits to what we can achieve!

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