The Science of Interconnectedness at TSC Online

August 12, 2020
Nina Fry-Kizler, Senior Designer, Experience Team

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) conference, sponsored by The Center for Consciousness Studies, is the world’s longest running interdisciplinary conference addressing fundamental aspects of consciousness, the brain, reality and existence. The 2020 TSC ONLINE: TSC Consciousness Reboot – September 14-18, 2020 – will include plenary and keynote sessions and will be livestreamed/virtual with live Q&A discussion for each session. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Science Team will present a pre-conference workshop on “Interconnectedness” on Monday, September 14th from 2:00 – 6:00 pm (MST).

The IONS team will take participants on a journey to explore the Science of Interconnectedness. First, they will review the IONS Discovery Lab (IDL – pronounced “ideal”), a synergistic handshake between science and direct experience. IDL allows workshop leaders to evaluate their offerings and provides them with evidence-based results. IDL is the largest study ever conducted on how transformative practices and experiences influence well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities. The data informs us on how to develop exceptional science-informed noetic training programs at IONS. IDL will change how we understand human potential, how we understand the nature of reality, and who we are as humans in this interconnected reality.

Then the IONS Science team will review what we know about how our consciousness affects the physical world, describing multiple IONS experiments on mediumship and channeling. They will also present findings from the Energy Medicine Pilot Study. This experiment involved 17 energy medicine practitioners and over nearly 200 participants seeking relief from carpal tunnel pain and explored the efficacy of energy healing as a transformative practice. Finally, they will discuss IONSX, a cutting-edge application-driven research program that demonstrates practical examples of consciousness affecting our physical world with our entangled photon experiments.

Several IONS Scientists will also be presenting in Concurrent Presentations on other IONS research:

Garret Yount, PhD – Medicine / Healing
Measuring Effects of Biofield Therapies in the Laboratory: A Pilot Study Focused on Pain Alleviation
Energy medicine practitioners operate on the premise that a subtle energy or biofield can be influenced for therapeutic effect. We will present the results of a pilot study designed to assess the feasibility of simultaneously measuring psychological, functional, physiological and environmental effects of biofield therapies. Practitioners from various disciplines (including qigong, Healing Touch, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Rosalyn Bruyere method, Peruvian shamanic healing, and others) participated in the study, each delivering 30-minute sessions from close proximity to an average of 10 subjects seeking relief from chronic wrist pain.

Cedric Cannard, PhD Candidate – Neural Correlates of Consciousness
A Large Study of Well-being and EEG
High well-being has been found to be associated with an increased left frontal asymmetry of EEG activity. Recent technological advances have made wearable/wireless EEG systems more reliable and accurate than in the past, creating faster and easier use of the equipment, allowing an easy and fast recording of large groups of participants, and providing a broader view of the general population dynamics. Advanced methods used in this study investigating whether EEG activity could predict the well-being score of 237 participants and which factors influence this interaction will be presented. and results will be presented.

Arnaud Delorme – Consciousness and Afterlife
Accuracy and Neural Correlates of Blinded Mediumship Compared to Controls on Image Classification Task
Claims that some individuals have access to information that is unavailable by conventional means have been reported throughout history. In this task, participants were asked to look at facial photographs of deceased individuals and guess the cause of death from three possible types: “heart attack,” “death by firearm,” or “car accident.” Data showed accurate guesses for the cause of death and control subjects were primarily responsible for this effect. Brainwave differences were found between the mediums and controls.

Join them at the online conference!

Dates: September 14-18, 2020
Time: 7:00 am to midnight (MST)
ONLINE / Livestream + Virtual

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