Remembering Anthony White

May 5, 2017
Cassandra Vieten

It is with sadness and yet deep appreciation for a life well-lived that we honor one of IONS family of Circle Members, Anthony White, who passed away last week due to complications from leukemia.

Tony survived much longer than doctors predicted, and if you had the pleasure of meeting him you’d know why. Husband of former IONS Board Chair and long-time IONS supporter Daphne Crocker-White, Tony was a bright light who moved through this world with a zest for life. He was adventurous, kind, generous and creative. A naval officer, poet, philosopher, financial advisor, and art collector among other things, Tony was dedicated to the exploration of consciousness through multiple lenses.

I had the pleasure of spending time with Tony on many occasions, most recently when we attended a fundraiser for cancer researchers at Stanford (his alma mater) held at a historical mansion in Silicon Valley. Throughout the evening, Tony shared his knowledge of the architecture and history of the venue, distilled for me the complexities of the tax benefits of charitable contributions through trusts, and throughout the evening noted what was being done effectively or not, and what I might be able to take as inspiration. We discussed his love for his grandchildren, his next steps in poetry writing, and his experiences at the Nine Gates Mystery School.

This evening was a wonderful reflection of the “renaissance man” Tony embodied. He will be missed by his IONS community, and we hold his family and friends in our hearts. We are all better for having known him. Learn more about Tony’s life and legacy.

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