Recording Available: Noetic Approaches to Racial Justice

July 2, 2020
Andrea Livingston, Engagement Team

Our mission at IONS is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery. We understand that it is not enough to illuminate ideas and research about our interconnectedness, but together as a community we must stand for integrating these ideas and ways of being into the social structures of our time.

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent social movement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the IONS community joined around a virtual campfire to hear messages and stories from IONS community leaders about how we might approach racial justice from a noetic perspective.

This gathering was the first event in a series of conversations that aim to come to a deeper understanding and practice about how we might apply noetics in support of healing and racial justice. We invite you to join the dialogue now by watching the replay and adding your comments to the video on YouTube.

Time Stamps

8:55 Kele Nitoto’s Open Song
15:18 Luisah Teish’s Remarks
37:59 Azim Khamisa’s Remarks
57:25 Paulette Pipe’s Meditation
1:20:18 Kele Nitoto’s Closing Song


We are pleased to share the following resources from the webinar:

  1. Website for Azim Khamisa
  2. Azim Khamisa NBC Nightly News (Video)
  3. Leadership for the Greater Good – A Guide for Truth to Power Champions by Azim Khamisa (Book)
  4. Website for Luisah Teish
  5. Facebook page for Luisah Teish
  6. Daughters of the Goddess
  7. Changing of the Gods – Official Trailer (Documentary)
  8. Rev. Paulette Pipe’s Website
  9. Rev. Paulette Pipe’s Podcast
  10. “Living in the Pink” – A Guided Healing Meditation by Paulette Pipe
  11. Kele Nitoto Drumming
  12. Contact Email for Kele Nitoto

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