Is Your Family Tree Psychic?

January 28, 2022
Cédric Cannard, IONS Senior Research Associate

While many of us have heard that psi (noetic) abilities run in families, little is known about their genetic inheritance and transmission across generations. There is only one study, to our knowledge, that investigated psi abilities within the family, suggesting a potential family inheritance of these abilities.

To go further, IONS is very interested in understanding whether these abilities are associated with a specific genetic component. Scientific tools to study genetic factors have tremendously progressed over the past few years thanks to technological advances, allowing us to study the genetics of psi in more detail for the first time. In a recently IONS study, we compared DNA between psychics and controls (people who reported no psychic abilities or family history) and highlighted a potential genetic variation associated with psi: a variation in the non-protein-coding region only present in the controls. But more research is needed to confirm and extend these findings.

We are now launching a new study to investigate this phenomenon further!

If you previously obtained your genetic data file from a consumer service like 23andMe or, you can participate! Simply fill out our survey on psi experiences and upload the genetic data file you already have.

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