Do You Have Psychic Abilities? Take These Fun Tests to Find Out and Advance the Science!

November 1, 2022
Science Team

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities but didn’t know how to check it? Now you can get an estimation in a few minutes with these brand new IONS games!

IONS proudly presents GotPsi – an online survey and games collection to test psi abilities. Play all 8 games!

Fun and playful tests

Many people have had precognitive dreams or successful intuitive hunches and would like to know if they might have psychic (or “psi”) abilities.

The Got Psi website provides a simple way to explore these abilities through a suite of psi tests. The tests are fun yet scientifically relevant (they use validated statistics) – you’ll get immediate feedback about your performance.

There are also various “Halls of Fame” where you can compare your performance with others.

What to expect from taking the tests

Some examples of the games:

Brain therapy rehabilitation cognitive psychological testing. Hand holding wood block cube therapy equipment

  • Remote viewing, where you’re asked to focus on a hidden card and describeits characteristics. The card will then get 

    revealed, and you’ll see a percentage score of how close you were.

  • Psychokinesis, where you’re asked to focus on getting randomly moving figures into a pattern.
  • Telepathy, where you’re asked to match a card with the identical one among a series of cards.

There is no cost to take the tests. No personal data will be shared and the tests are entirely anonymous.

You also get to fill in a survey to account for factors that could affect the results.

Distinguishing between luck and genuine psi abilities

Keep in mind that your results should only be considered suggestive, because high scores in these tests can be due to chance as well as to actual abilities. Only repeated testing can distinguish between luck and genuine psi abilities.

This site is part of a research program to assess if psi is genuine. If you perform well on the tests, you might be contacted and paid to perform additional tests. There are levels you can reach on the site. If you reach level 2, you will automatically be enrolled in the psi talent study (if you do not wish to participate you can do so once you are selected as a talent). Be sure to complete all 8 tests!

Take the test

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