Psigenes Genetic Data Study

June 15, 2020
Nina Fry-Kizler, Science Team

Many of you have likely heard that psychic abilities run in families. While this may be true, there hasn’t been any research studies that look at this concept using modern tools of genetic analysis. One study in Scotland looked at family trees of people with the Second Sight and found that psychic abilities appear to run in families.

IONS is very interested in the research question of whether psychic abilities have a genetic component. We have done one study that looked at high functioning psychics and compared them to people with no reported psychic abilities or family history of psychic abilities. We found some very interesting results in this study that we will be publishing soon.

We are now launching a new study, PsiGenes Genetic Data Sharing, to investigate this phenomenon further. In this study, participants will fill out a survey about their psychic experiences and then upload genetic data that they have already received from consumer direct services like 23andMe or Using these tools, we can gather genetic data anonymously to help us investigate whether there is a connection between psychic ability and genetics.

To learn more and see if you are eligible to participate, visit: PsiGenes Genetic Data Sharing.

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