Podcast: Consciousness Hacking & VR

November 14, 2017
Communications Team

The Voices of VR Podcast with Kent Bye caught up with IONS scientist Julia Mossbridge, as well as Mikey Siegel who is the founder of Consciousness Hacking, at our recent 17th International Conference in Oakland, CA.

There are more and more people who feel like they are being manipulated and hooked into forming habits on apps that are designed to reward compulsive behaviors. There’s a growing counter movement of consciousness hackers who are trying to take a more mindful and purposeful approach to how they use technology. They’re using biosensors to get feedback and insights on their behaviors, and are trying to cultivate more flourishing, well-being, connection, compassion, mental health, and sanity in their lives. Listen in as they talk about transcendence technology, quantified self applications designed for transformation, designing human-aware artificial intelligence optimized for emotional intelligence and cultivating compassion, the matching problem, and the insights of neurophenomenology for combining first-person and third-person data.

Tune in!

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