Parapsychology in the Halls of Academe

March 18, 2016
Communications Team

IONS research includes the study of extended human capacities — experiences that appear to go beyond the conventional boundaries of space and time.


According to, Jeffrey Mishlove possesses a doctoral degree in “Parapsychology” from the University of California, Berkeley, the only doctoral degree in parapsychology awarded by an accredited American university.

Parapsychology is a line of research within this domain, and while it is an often controversial topic within mainstream science, there are interesting opportunities for intrepid, creative young researchers to make an impact in this field.

And just how would a budding scientist go about this?

There are a variety of university settings around the world in which it is possible to study parapsychological topics. The Parapsychological Association created University Education in Parapsychology, a listing of such courses and programs, which they update periodically. IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin has also put together Where can I get a degree or a job in parapsychology?, a resource for those interested in pursuing an academic path in parapsychology.

While the opportunities for university coursework may not involve receiving a “Degree in Parapsychology,” they at least provide a platform to conduct unique studies, and to gain important field experience in consciousness research.

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