Reconsidering Academic Beliefs About Belief in the Paranormal

July 5, 2022
Science Team

There’s a glitch between the public interest in the paranormal and the academic research on the topic. Studies show that a solid 75% of Americans believe in the paranormal – just look at the sheer amount of TV series and movies featuring ghosts, psychic abilities, and superpowers!

But while Hollywood keeps up, about 99% of the scientific community still ignores the invisible world. This is despite the vast pool of research on noetic subjects.

Why this gap? To find out, read this article by IONS Dean Radin in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing.

The article has now been published in Elsevier, the world’s largest medical and scientific literature publisher. By clicking on the link, you can read it for free up until August 15, 2022.

Interested in learning more from Dean? Listen to the Expanding on Consciousness podcast, where he discusses parapsychology and the scientific rigors of research on the edge of the unknown.

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