Noetic Wisdom for Challenging Times

April 6, 2020
Andrea Livingston, Communications Team

Over the past three weeks, over 4,000 of our members and friends have come together for a special ConnectIONS Live webinar series on Noetic Wisdom for Challenging Times. In these webinars, we explore noetic topics and tools that build our resiliency, spark innovation, and support our wellbeing during this truly unprecedented and challenging time we are in.

Normally only available to IONS members, we are making this special ConnectIONS Live series available to all who are interested. In our weekly explorations, we have harvested our collective noetic wisdom, explored noetic approaches to health and wellbeing, and delved into noetic approaches to prosperity. If you have missed any of these offerings, please see below for links to the recordings!

Join us this Friday, April 10th, for our next installment, Noetic Approaches to Collective Purpose and Action as we explore how we might move forward with new vision and ways of being in the world at this critical time in history.

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Watch the Recordings of the past offerings:
Harvesting Noetic Wisdom Harvesting Noetic Wisdom in Challenging Times

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ConnectIONS Health & Wellness Noetic Approaches to Health & Wellbeing

Watch Video

Noetic Approaches to Prosperity Noetic Approaches to Prosperity

Watch Video

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