Announcing Noetic Leadership Fall Series

September 10, 2020
Claire Lachance, IONS Chief Executive Officer

At a Time When Our World Needs a New Form of Leadership

While I write this long-awaited (and exciting) announcement, I am struck by the eerie view outside my window and the symbolism it evokes.Dense wildfire smoke above the fog here on the Mendocino Coast has created a bizarre and other-worldy perpetual twilight — as if I am wearing those special yellow-tinted eyeglasses for night driving. Is it no coincidence that I am writing today to share the debut of our Noetic Leadership conversation series?

As we face a host of worldwide challenges including the continued pandemic, climate change happening before our eyes, cries for racial justice, and more, this certainly appears to be an evolutionary moment in human history demanding new approaches to leadership. My fervent intent is that Noetic Leadership will raise the bar of conversation — and complement other evolutionary leadership models — by offering a lens focused specifically on leading from interconnection and inner wisdom.

On Friday, September 25 as part of our ConnectIONS Live Free Friday Series, we will launch a powerful, three-part series on Noetic Leadership. The format of this series might not be what you expect, as we propose that intimate conversations will generate the optimal unfolding of Noetic Leadership at this moment in time. This will not be a prescriptive program or training. Rather, each of the three webinars will take the format of a personal one-on-one discussion between a special guest and me, with time for active conversation with the audience.

My first guest will be Alan Briskin, PhD — scholar of spirituality in the workplace, author of five books, and hands-on advisor to leaders and organizations guiding important change initiatives. I am thrilled to have Alan working as executive advisor with us in this initial exploration of Noetic Leadership. Our conversation will be personal and provocative, setting the stage for the next two programs and a series of deeper-dive Noetic Leadership workshops in the new year.

I am also thrilled to announce that acclaimed author and consultant Anita Sanchez will be my guest on our October 23rd Noetic Leadership webinar — followed by Sounds True CEO and co-founder of the Inner MBA Program, Tami Simon, on December 4th! With Anita and Tami, I am eager to explore the practical opportunities and challenges associated with leading from a noetic perspective.

I wholeheartedly invite your active involvement in this crucial birthing process — at a time when, quite obviously, the world needs it most. Dialogue, debate, deep personal inquiry, and active practice will drive our journey together. And, as we will investigate on September 25, might the world be better served if we consider “noetic leadership” a verb rather than a noun?

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