Noetic Global Gathering: Spiritual Entrainment for Healing

April 8, 2020
Andrea Livingston, Communications Team

During these challenging times, gather with the global IONS community as we learn about a collection of guided and experiential meditation practices — including mudra hand positions — designed to bring our hearts into coherence.

Spiritual Entrainment for Healing
with Rev. Paulette Pipe
April 15, 2020
11:00 am to 12:30 pm (Pacific)

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We will be ushered through this gathering by Reverend Paulette Pipe, who is a gifted meditation teacher and host of the popular meditation/mindfulness practices podcast Touching the Stillness. Guided by the power of Paulette’s mesmerizing, vibrational healing voice, together we’ll become a catalyst for spiritual entrainment for our own healing and wellbeing, as well as for those around the globe with whom we are navigating these changing times.

As we prepare to be together live on April 15th, we invite you to watch and participate in the just released recording of the opening ceremony of the 2019 IONS Conference led by Paulette. In this video, we are guided to send a collective blessing to each continent and to the entire planet, which is more important now than ever.

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